Founded after the break-up of Athlitikos Podosferikos Syllogos Pirea in 1924 (Estabilished 1912 when Piraiki Enosi and Piraikos Syndesmos merged). The same year, Ethnikos was formed after the remains of Piraikos Omilos merged with the team Young Boys Pireas. The new team was named Omilos Filathlon Pirea-Falirou. In 1925 took the final name Ethnikos O.F.P. (Omilos Filathlon Pirea).

Today there are more than 15 teams playing in Greek divisions which carry the name Ethnikos (see underneath the images for more history)

Some major time periods in its history:

1925:  Hagiandreou, Ferlemi brothers and Peppas founded Ethnikos and the ride of the eternal outsider starts.  People who like joining the strong, the easy, the predictable become fans of pao, osfp, EPO and paraga...  People who like going against the odds and put a little spice in their lives go with Ethniko, Panionio, Apollon.

33-37  teams:  The team of the only title Ethnikos was allowed to ever get.  The 1933 cup.  5 out of the 11 players were playing in the national team.  Their record against POK was 13 wins 6 ties and 6 losses.  It was southern champion in 35, ready to play a clearly inferior Aris in the final for the championship, but the championship was canceled for the Balkan team tournament!  Would it still be canceled if one of the POK was in the final?  Great, great team. Among others:  Zantiotis, Zourntos, Konstantoudakis, I. Chelmis, I. Tsiritakis, E. Chelmis, Deligiorgis, Alexopoulos, P. Tsiritakis, Choumis, Lapatos, Ferlemi brothers, Bourletidis and more.

40-53:  Little, if any, reliable Ethnikos information exists for those ugly years of Greek history.  If you have info. please send it to us.

54-58 teams:  The greatest team Ethnikos ever had.  The 1957 team was easily the best in Greece and was walking to the championship, while Karellas was trying to bring Puskas and Kotckic to Pirea.  Ethnikos got burned by EPO and the POK, and the Hungarians went to Real Madrid.  Real Madrid went on to win 6 European championships.  Paraga and the 3 teams that doomed Ethniko went on to record some of the worst losses in European Championships, with nobody better at it than osfp.  Mantalozis, Laimos, Klikopoulos, Kozombolis, Ardizoglou, Karnasopoulos, Grafas, Stouras, Karaoulanis, Xenos, Zounis, Spathoulas, Benardos, Vavoulas, Lekatsas and more.

60's teams:  And more great teams and players.  But POK and EPO made it clear in the fifties that nobody else was allowed in the championship business.  And the parade of phony trophies continued.  The new first division format found Ethniko, Panionio, Apollon, Paok, Aris and Iraklis to always try to break through the POK, but to no avail.  Ethnikos 5th in 63 (missed 4th for a point), 6th in 61 and 68, 7th in 62, 66, 67.  Some of the the names below belong to the all time greats of greek soccer:  Tourkomenis, Antonatos, Zervoudakis, Kardiakidis, Kremmidas, Kritikopoulos, Leventakos, Nikiforakis, Ntaikos, Rasidakis, Sarantaris, Stamatopoulos, Chartofilax, Chantzioannidis, Chantzianoglou and more.

73-77 teams:  Full of contemporary household name players, but Ethnikos was not allowed to keep them for long.  The 75 team was winter champions.  Only Iraklis of Chazipanagi and a gift penalty to osfp cost Ethnikos 2 ties in Pirea during the first round.  AEK, PAO, PAOK, Panionios and all the rest got beaten in Pirea, while Serres, Egaleo and Larisa got beaten in their homes.  osfp was loosing 1-0 and unable to even threaten Arvanitis, so Delikaris decided to fall on the foul wall after hitting the ball to it.  A penalty that even osfp fans were laughing with.  No losses in the first round!  Magically, some of Ethnikos defenders retrieved at the second round and some "weird" results followed to finally finish 4th.  Arvanitis, Vamvakousis, Eleftheriadis, Moutafis, Kremmydas, Kritikos, Stamatakis D., Foulatsiklis, Chatzioannoglou, Kalkantera, Karaiskos (with Fylakouri, Rohrbach, Kritikopoulo, Mitropoulo, Ingoglou, Papadopoulos, Pappas and others in other years than 75)

86-88 teams:  The last good team Ethnikos had.  Not at the level of the previous ones, but very respectable and almost made it to the UEFA cup.  Doxakis, Antonopoulos, Kambolis, Georgaras, Papadopoulos, P. Katsikojiannis, Ilounga, J. Katsikojiannis, Kottidis, Batista and more.

1989:  The historic club falls to the second division for the first time ever.  Although the decision to raise the number of teams to 18 delays the inevitable, the reality is that the golden years are over.  Karellas and Mourkakos are gone and the people who loved Ethniko did not do enough.  The fans did not do enough.  The players did not do enough.  And Pireas looses one of its landmarks, a true symbol of its history.

After the doom of  89, Ethnikos still manages to bring some great players about, like Niniadis, Kapsis, Anastasiou, all in the mid nineties, before the final nail in the coffin of 1999.  And nothing looks like it will save it.

2005:  Some light at the end of the tunnel.  The fans are next to Ethniko once again, the team is in better shape and its present management might suffice to bring the team back to the first division.  But to do more than that, a new Karellas has to come about.  And he will.

Future:  When the new Karellas comes and the team becomes great once more, this time the fans of Ethniko will not be complacent.  They cannot afford to wait until it's too late.  They will be involved protecting the team, creating a safety net around it that will never allow it to come one step away from extinction.

Tell your POK friends about this site.  Tell them that we need them to demand a good, clean and competitive championship so we can fill up our stadiums and enjoy successes in the European leagues.  Tell them to see past the rotten product that the POK collusion puts on the Greek fields, just to embarrass us almost every year abroad.  And tell them that you are fed up with their phony trophies and glorified "history".  Championships mean something when they are won fairly against 15 other good teams, not two.  Championships mean something in England, Germany and France -- not Greece, Turkey and Albania.

This is the site for the last remaining Ethnikos faithful.  Ask your fathers and grandfathers for anecdotal stories, or anything else they can tell you.  Then submit it here and it will find its way in the site.  Make sure you report only truthful stories, so we do not endanger the credibility of this effort.  We are very interested in stories which exhibit the hunt of EPO and POK against Ethnikos, Panionios, Apollon and others -- as well as anything that will re-animate the older years and the great teams in our eyes.

For us and our generation, history stopped in 1989.

    The younger fans today are trying to bring Ethnikos back.

            They will succeed and history will start again...

                                                                                        Enjoy the site!


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